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99 Jiu-Jitsu in San Diego- Eduardo Telles Opens Academy

Eduardo Telle's Open Mat Fight & Fitness Center is now Open! In the UTC area of San Diego Visit:

Grappling Magazine October 2004

Born and educated in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Carlos Valente is one of the few BJJ instructors in the United States who were "there"
when things started. Close to the Gracie family as few haver ever been, Valente is now teaching a new generation of stars the way of the champion.

Carlos Valente Jiu Jitsu and Team Black House

Carlos Valente and Team Black House
Antonio Rodrigo Noguerira | Carlos Valente | Lyoto Machida




Welcome to the Valente Jiu-Jitsu Academy Homepage!

The Valente Academy is located in San Diego. The Head Instructor is Professor Carlos Valente, 7th Degree Black belt under Robson Gracie and certified Black Belt by the Confederation of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

For Info Call: (858) 925-9073


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Carlos Valente :: Red & Black Belt


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Become a Certified Instructor

Call 858-925-9073 or Click Below for More Information.


Carlos Valente Self Defense Courses

Carlos Valente Self Defense Courses.  Call For More Information: 858-295-9073


Anderson Silvas Grand Opening of Training Center in LA

Carlos Valente attending the Grand Opening of Anderson Silvas Training Center.
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Jiu-Jitsu Seminar at Kovar’s Satori Academy in Sacramento

Saturday- Febuary 23rd 2013

Carlos Valente and Eduardo Telles will be having a Jiu-Jitsu Seminar at Kovar's Satori Academy in Sacramento this Saturday the 23rd from 1PM to 3PM . Carlos Valente is a 7th Degree Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu under Rickson Gracie and a Judo Black Belt under Kazu Yoshida. Eduardo Telles is a legendary Brazilian Jiujitsu Black Belt known for creating the Turtle Guard and Octopus Guard. This a seminar you will not want to miss.
Call the Satori Academy for more information at 916-965-1561


Team Nogueira Seminar April 14th, 2012

Come check out our upcoming 1 Day Seminar at Black House Nogueira on April 14th from 1-3pm. The $40 seminar is for the benefit of Professor Carlos Valente, a 7th degree black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu who will be showing trade secrets alongside Kru Alexander Palma, Adriano Camolese, Vinicius Queiroz, Gary Padilla and Rafael Dallinha. The 2 hour seminar will cover Muay Thai for the first hour and BJJ for the second. It's open to all levels and we encourage all members to participate!! You must reserve your spot at our front desk in person or through the phone because space is limited. See you all there!!

Walel “The Gazelle” Watson Receives Brown Belt

UFC Fighter Walel "The Gazelle" Watson received his Brown Belt from Carlos Valente….Walel Watson Fights out of the San Diego Combat Academy for Team Hurricane Awesome. (from left to right: Walel Watson, Carlos Valente, Manolo Hernandez)

Leonardo Gonzalez- El II Seminario – Diciembre 18, 2011

El domingo 18 dictare el II Seminario "Ténicas y Tácticas de Brazilian Jiu Jitsu de Alta Competición (Gi y No Gi)", en PANDEPORTES, de 12 a 4pm.
Abarcará: Takedowns y defensas , derribes y defensas, pases de guardia, robos de espalda, submisiones desde guardia y media guardia, submisiones desde la espalda, sweeps, control del combate, entre otras técnicas…
Nota: Certificados avalado por PANDEPORTES para todos los los participantes. Las personas interesadas me pueden llamar al 6640-5982, PIN 2196476E para más detalles.

Seminario :: Valente Jiu-Jitsu Panama



Leonardo Gonzalez – Fastest Submission in the 2011 IBJFF Worlds No Gi

Valente Jiu-jitsu Panama 2011

Leonardo Gonzalez of Valente Bjj Panama under Carlos Valente had the fastest submission in the 2011 IBJFF Worlds No Gi Championship at 23 seconds, with a wicked and brutal guillotine choke.





Valente Jiu-Jitsu 2008-Move of the Month



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